Finding The Best Commercial Dog Foods

We truly believe that the best diet for your dog is a homemade diet, and that using commercial dog food is a step in the wrong direction.

But, it is possible that you are still not wholly convinced. Perhaps you're just not much of a cook. You eat a lot of prepared foods yourself, so really, why not the same for your dog?

OR you work long, hard days and you just don't have a lot of free time. Anyone can understand that you don't want to spend that time in the kitchen when you could be playing some quality Frisbee Toss with your dog. You have a busy life, with many responsibilities and as much as you'd like to home make your meals, you simply don't have the time.

Then there is the possibility that you just do not trust that you can correctly ascertain your dog's needs, and provide the appropriate nutritional balance. You'd feel better if someone would just tell you exactly what food to serve and how much was appropriate.

Or, maybe you're just plain old stubborn. You're not buying into the whole "health nut" theories, and you're thinking that providing some good home cooking for your canine is outright ludicrous. You can just picture the jeers and ridicule when your friends find out you were late for your tee time because you were making Fluffy a salmon omelet.

And yet, you've come this far, so you are entertaining some doubts about the whole commercial racket, you're just not willing to dive in headfirst at this point.

It is specifically for you -- the kitchen-challenged, the impossibly busy, the faint-of-heart and the headstrong -- that we have carefully researched and assembled a list of the 9 best possible alternative commercial pet foods currently available on the market in North America.

Our compilation gives detailed summaries of the nutritional merit of each product, and is once again both concise and educational. In addition, purchasing information and photo for each is provided. Why its great and anything should you be cautious of.

I trust feeding my own beloved canine with brands from this list, I couldn't give them a better stamp of approval than that.

And I make nothing if you buy these brands because I have no relationship with the companies that produce them, I just like and trust them.

The manufacturers featured here tend toward the holistic or organic bias. They all favor natural ingredients, and avoid unnecessary additives and preservatives. Possibly most surprising of all, nearly all tend toward the economical stratum as well.

Dog Food SECRETS™ Gold package is the only package which includes this extremely valuable report. Until now, no one has ever read it besides me... I employed a private field researcher to put it together and now you can get your own copy.

Click here to discover and then go to the order page to learn more..

May your dog have a long and happy life,

Andrew Lewis

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